Plant Shop

Welcome to our Emily’s Backyard Blooms PLANT SHOP!! We are proud to offer our E.B.B. GARDEN BOXES this growing season! With 6 varieties to choose from, these kits have everything you need to start a garden from seed!

We also offer a variety of indoor house plants + succulents at our outdoor markets. Want to purchase some new plant friends? Check out our E.B.B. ONLINE SHOP and follow us on social media to see where we are ‘popping-up’ next!

Indoor Plants

Baby ferns to giant fiddle leaf figs, we have you covered on indoor house plants!


Our selection of mini cacti is constantly changing! We sell everything from individual potted plants to unique succulent centerpieces.


We offer both plugs and potted succulents in a variety of shapes, sizes + colors!

Looking for a particular plant?

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